Is Karate good for children? If so, what is the appropriate age you should start them?

Of course it is.  Nothing is safe in this world and what better gift to give your child then the ability to defend themselves against the challenges in life.

Another excellent reason why Karate is great for children is it teaches them to live a healthy and fit lifestyle that they will carry into their adult lives.  They will also learn how to jump, kick, punch, roll on the ground, and overall fitness activities.  These required agility activities are necessary and will promote overall confidence, self respect, strength physical and mental, concentration, independence.  Karate is great for emotional stress, kicking and punching pads is a release and is much needed for your child in a safe environment rather than the alternative.

Karate for children is great as well because of the ability to meet and create friends that share the same discipline that is good for your child.  The saying, “You are the product of your environment” is very true so this environment is excellent to surround your child.

Start them as early as you can as it will teach them dedication and determination to accomplish their very own Black belt.  Karate will keep your child focused and disciplined enough to be able to say no to drugs, smoking, or many other negative peer pressure situations in today’s society.