My child is starting to kick and punch others after joining a Karate school. Should I pull my child out of Karate class?

This behavior is the opposite of what a Karate school is supposed to teach your child, however for younger children this behavior is perfectly normal.  Allow me to explain……

Younger children vastly learn the best by imitation and learning what is appropriate from watching others.  They are usually less responsive to verbal communications and ultimately follow the (Learn by doing rather then learn by verbal communication).

Karate is all about teaching students when to use what they know and when not to physically share what they have been taught.  This is the paradigm and struggle with younger students as they may not comprehend this virtue until later in their training/maturity.  So to have your child kick and punch and use what they have been taught inside the Dojo is normal behavior but not something that should be allowed nor acceptable outside the Dojo without your permission.  Or is it?  Isn’t one of the reasons you engaged with Karate to have your child defend themselves physically if needed?  The hard message is when they should activate what they physically learn in the Dojo.  They are just acting out the part of what they learned, this is a perfect teaching moment between you, your Instructor, and your child.  It is very important not to panic and remove your child from the Karate school, but rather bring this matter to the attention of your Karate school to be aware of this behavior.  You need to schedule an appointment with them immediately to give important attention to this matter before it gets worse because this matter is usually fixed rather quickly if caught early and addressed appropriately.  Your child will eventually understand the message and learn when to use the physical aspect of Karate when needed.  It is all worth it and part of the Martial Arts learning process for younger students.

So what should you do if your child shows these signs?

* As a parent, be stern in your message that it is not okay to punch or kick people

* Setup a meeting with your Karate school to address this matter as soon as possible

* If the behavior still remains then it is your decision if you can remain patience enough until your child matures to the point that verbal communication learning kicks in.  If they are being destructive….then maybe a followup discussion with your Karate school to remove your child on a temporary or permanent basis until they get older to understand when to activate what they are taught.

Best wishes on raising a smart defensive child.