Adult Program (Ages 15 and up) Karate Fitness Adult Program

Our Adult Program is designed to give you the skills needed to defend yourself through repetitive traditional blocks, strikes, kata, and fitness body strengthening drills.  Please come out and try a class to understand how beneficial Karate can be for your overall health and fitness.

2013-03-23 Testing Kids Pic
Mighty Mites Program (Ages 4 – 7)
Junior Program (Ages 7 – 14)
Our Kids Programs consists of fun character building drills in order for your child to explorer their true potential.  Our curriculum is focused on growth for your child to challenge not just their physical ability but to strengthen your character thru better manners, respect for people and things, and to overall reach perfection of character.  We have separated our kids Programs into Juniors (Ages 7 – 14) and Mighty Mites (Ages 4 – 7).
Karate Fitness - Round House KickPrivate Lessons
Needing a Self Defense class just for yourself?  Are you needing extra time to work on a particular skill before next testing?
Onsite Self Defense for your organization
Our organization will travel to your organization to provide corporate self Defense Seminars or organizated group training sessions during normal business hours or after hours.  Our goal is to provide your employees a much needed break to pull away from the work stress to relax the mind and challenge the body.  We have found that an organization that engages in stress management activities has an increase in productivity among the employees as it brings them together and encourages collaboration in the work force.  Try it out and see for yourself by contacting us.

WeaponsSensei Harris - Yamanni Ryu

Karate Fitness studies the art of Yamanni-Chinen Ryu Weapons and is currently accepting students.  We teach 2 long weapons and 4 short hand weapons which include: Bo, Eku, Sai, Nunchaku, Kama, Tonfa.

Fairview Heights, Illinois Parks and Recreation Karate

Sensei Jeff Harris has been teaching at Fairview Heights, Illinois Parks and Recreation Department since July 1st, 2012 and continues to oversee the Karate Program.