Mighty Mites (4 to 7)

Give us your child and over time we will form a more confident, respectful, and focused individual.

Karate Fitness - Mighty Mites

10 Reasons to enroll your child in our Mighty Mites Program:

      1. Fitness
          Help your child get fit.
      2. Respect
          Shape your child into a more respectful individual.
      3. Confidence
          Increase self confidence to help your child believe in themselves.
      4. Choices
          Stick up to negative peer pressure and learn to say no.
      5. Discipline
          Teach your child that through dedication and discipline comes success

Karate Fitness - Mighty Mites - Marshall

    1. Focus
        To learn more effectively by paying attention.
    2. Attitude
        To teach your child to focus on their abilities and not their disabilities.
    3. Goals
        To achieve success through setting small goals.
    4. Teamwork
        Teaching kids that together you can achieve more.
    5. Manners
        Acting and speaking with respect.

Class Times:

Classes meet 2 times a week on Tuesday evenings @ 5:30pm for 30 minutes.  Also, Saturday at 8:30am for 30 minutes. (See Class Schedule for more details)