Small Groups

Look no further….Karate Fitness will customize a class just for your group.  Whether it be for a Girl Scout troop, Boy Scouts, Autism social group, or another club/group/organization, we will be glad to provide a Karate class or self defense seminar just for your group.

Groups that Karate Fitness has Instructed:

Autism Spectrum

We received a call from Face to Face to do a Self Defense Hands on Seminar.  This event was a success and very fun as we started out with an open discussion of what self defense meant to each participant and let it flow from there.  We then moved onto simple practical moves that everyone was able to learn and physically try and apply.  We created a fun energetic environment that allowed everyone to engage and feel the impact of their true strength.  Everyone raved about how much fun it was and they now were able to take home some new ideas and the ability to defend themselves.

MOPS_Large_RGBProvided a Women’s self defense class during one of the normal MOPS meeting.  Gave a 20 minute overview of how to be less of a target and to avoid an attack before it happens.  Then we move onto offering others to participate in the hands on part of the seminar.  We get everyone off their feet and do a light warmup.  Then I introduce easy ways to defend yourself in a very broken, down easy to show, and easy to learn method.  Then we all join in and each person gets a chance to move their body differently to experience the new movement.  It is here thru repetition that the participates are able to convert this learned skill into muscle memory.  Each person takes home some newly learned mental and physical skills.

Federally Employed Women reached out to us as they were trying to find a speaker to talk about Self Defense/Awareness.  Sensei Jeff Harris was happy to be the guest speaker.  He chose to speak on the 4 layers of self defense and then finished the seminar with a hands on self defense phase for all to try.  FEW had local police officers speak at previous events to give feedback on how to be safe, however they were looking for something a little different for this annual convention.  We were able to bring hands on simple self defense moves for all to try and challenged their mind to be more aware of their surroundings.


If your group is looking for an event to challenge your mind and body then please send an email to: to get more information about how we can help your group.